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yKAP Collaboration Software Module

Use this yKAP module for messaging and collaboration, among technical staff, team members and clients.




Send/Reply to/Receive/Forward messages to other yKAP users.

Bulletin Board

Use the "Post to bulletin board" feature to send a message to all users in the organization.

Look-up Message

Use yKAP Exhaustive Message Search to easily find messages.

Parameters for search include "To"/"From" users, subject text, received/sent date, message text.


Add as many File attachments to your message as you want.

Email Alerts

Use the "Send Email Alert" feature to send email notifications.

Define rules for Email Alerts.

Print Message(s)

Use the "Print" feature to preview and print one message at a time or the entire list of currently selected messages.

Choose from pre-built print design templates or create your own.

Save Message(s)

Save messages in any of these formats: PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML, Text.


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